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"Favorite Draco Pairing," or "The Cock Draco Sucks Best!"

Yay, Krissy initiated conversation in here! *^_^*

I think it's a given that most of us are Draco/Harry (Harry/Draco) shippers - the idea of two boys who hate each others' guts snogging the daylights out of each other is just too cute to pass up.

I've found that I rather like the Snape/Draco pairing as well, although not enough to make an archive for them, even if "Snapdragon" would be a totally cute name for it. I also think Draco/Ron has just a bit of merit, so long as it's bastard!Draco and an angsting!Ron; fluffy!Draco is reserved only for Harry.

On a related note, my least favorite Draco pairings are Hermione and Ginny, although I've seen them justified time and time again (maybe Hermione more than Ginny). However, Draco/Pansy seems to be fairly palatable, and it's even slightly canon.
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